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Theater / Studio T / Foyer
Kromme Nieuwegracht 20, Utrecht

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Sharing knowledge. Fostering skills. Creating engagement. Educators and trainers all over the globe inspire tens of millions of people every day. From nursery schools to university, to lifelong learning. The possibilities for careers in education and training are endless, whether you want to teach in high school until your retirement or be a freelance workshop facilitator.

This month’s Your Perspective is all about education and training. With a degree in the Humanities, you can easily become a teacher, trainer or some other kind of educator. Our panel of alumni will give you a taste of what’s possible, how to get there, and what skills and preparation you would need for a career in this broad field.

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Tim Feliks
After gaining his BA in History in 2011, Tim travelled the world and worked all kinds of jobs; he was a tour guide in Rome as well as a farm hand and butler in Australia. More importantly, he worked as an English teacher in Taiwan and has tutored students online. That is what kindled his love for education. Back in the Netherlands, Tim enrolled in the Master’s programme Geschiedenis: Educatie en Communicatie (History: Education and Communication) and graduated with a Cum Laude distinction. Now he works as an education specialist for the National Archive in The Hague and Het Utrechts Archief, developing educational content and supervising the museum teachers.

Maxime van Schaik
Maxime graduated from the BA programme Language & Culture Studies at Utrecht University in 2020. During her BA, she focused her courses on English language and culture and gained a teaching license through a minor programme. After graduating in 2020, she started working as an English teacher at a secondary school in Uithoorn. In September of this year, she started the MA Engelse taal en cultuur: educatie en communicatie at Utrecht University, whilst continuing her work as teacher.

Lisa de la Rie
Lisa did her Bachelor’s in History and graduated from her Master’s Gender and Etnicity in 2013. She is now working for September onderwijs as an Ontwerp Lead. In this job she makes sure education trainings are developed and organised, by her and her team. Lisa’s previous working experience also include a position as developer of trainings in education, project managing blended communication trainings at Faculty of Skills and working for NCOI opleidingen as education manager.



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