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Podcasts: Policy and Consultancy (June 2020)


15/06/2020 - 21/06/2020    
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Whether you work in a small company or a big organization like a ministry, or the United Nations: policy is made everywhere. From PR to privacy, and from data to diversity, all professional settings demand views, rules and regulations. But how do you make and shape policy? Many humanities alumni use their talent for analysis, creativity and complexity to create, implement or advise policy for their own organization, or an external one. Meet some of them in this edition of Your Perspective Online.


Josefien van Marlen (BA Liberal Arts & Sciences/ BA History [UU] and MA Politics & Society [Maastricht])
Josefien works as Program Manager at ECHO, a non-profit organization creating awareness for diversity and inclusion in the context of higher education and the labor market. Josefien works on policy research and analysis, consultancy, training and more. This episode is in English.
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Eva Zeilstra (BA Language & Culture Studies (TCS) and RMA History)
Eva works as a Consultant at Cranium NL, a company with offering services in privacy, security and data management. In addition to the regular study programmes, Eva did two Erasmus exchanges and the Humanities Honours Programme. This episode is in Dutch.
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Wout Roelofs (BA Language & Culture Studies and a Master’s degree in Sports Policy and Sports Management)
Wout is working as a junior consultant at SeederDeBoer, an consultancy organisation that supervises complex change processes in different subject areas and different sectors. Episode is in Dutch.
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Vera Martens (BA Language & Culture Studies (TCS) and MA Literature & Culture Critique)
Vera works as policy advisor for arts and culture, at the municipality of Deventer. This episode is in Dutch.
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